Services for our Hosts

The Hochschulallianz Ruhr (HAR) is an alliance with many advantages. Our constitution as an alliance offers high potential in that we bundle skills and transfer knowledge to gain most for our customers. When you belong to our partner universities and are engaged in finding international personnel or professionals of any kind from without Germany, we are your port of call regarding the employment process.

We from the HAR Welcome Center are happy to help you with the following in particular:

  • Invitation letters for visa applications
  • Information on individual visa and immigration requirements
  • Checklists for the required formalities
  • Assistance with requests regarding a certificate of good conduct
  • Advice on health insurance for international guests
  • Assistance with English language and translation services
  • Assistance with a timely management of the administrative process
  • Communication with our international guests

To make the most of our services, please get in touch with us at our Welcome Center. You may do this by filling out the contact form below or by following our contact link to get in touch directly.


Welcome - Services for Applicants

Services for Applicants

Find your way to Germany: You are an international researcher or scientist or maybe a guest lecturer planning a stay in Germany? We are here to help!

Our objective is to assist you throughout your journey by offering guidance on non-academic, particularly bureaucratic matters before, during, and after your stay. Our range of services includes providing necessary information, delivering relevant documents, and handing out helpful checklists.

We encourage you to take a first step and get in touch with our Welcome Center to join us for your guest journey.

We will provide a formal registration process at a later stage. Once this is active, we kindly ask you to register with our Welcome Center by following the provided link. [Text in German]

If you come along and follow us, we will guide you through the process!

To make the most of our services, please get in touch with us at our Welcome Center.

You may do this by filling out the contact form below or by following our contact link to get in touch directly. [Text in German]

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How we can assist.

We kindly ask you to fill out our guest registration form so that we can take care of your needs individually.

Getting in touch with us first will spare you having to find your way through non-academic, at times tricky
bureaucratic matters by yourself.

HAR Welcome Center Guest Registration Form 2024


We might not always have the answer right away, but we will make sure to find the solution for you timely!

Getting set!

You will find the following websites helpful for your planning:


Make it in Germany

Research in Germany

While you Stay

When you have questions.

We are at your side with

  • support in all non-academic matters
  • settling and working in the Ruhr region
  • having a good time in the Ruhr Metropolis

When you Leave

What you need to do.

We assist you with

  • all de-registration processes
  • timely termination of agreements
  • joining a network for your future

How we can assist.

We are happy to help with formalities around your stay and when this comes to an end also with planning your departure. We will provide checklists and give a hand wherever necessary. To us, your farewell ist just as important as your welcome. We are successful when we build a strong bond for the future and keep on networking.

When you are in the Ruhr region, your location within Germany is quite central. You will find that this has several advantages. To name one, the density of the area and the particularly good infrastructure will enable you to travel from one big city to another in brief time and at a comparatively low price. There is such a lot to discover – see for yourself.

Enjoy your stay!

The HAR alliance universities in the cities Bochum and Gelsenkirchen with Recklinghausen
and Bocholt as partner locations as well as Dortmund are geographically near to one another
and we encourage you to get to know them all.

BO Bochum University of Applied Sciences Portrait

WH Westphalian University of Applied Sciences Portrait

FH Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts Mission Statement


Having said this, please be informed that our services initially have a predominantly digital focus with the advantage that they are independent of a specific location. We will give you ideas and tips for when you want to travel and look out for social activities as we strongly support connecting people.

Our aim is to make you feel welcome at your home away from home! Once the time for your farewell nears, we regard it as our gain when it turns into an Auf Wiedersehen.